Failure Analysis™

The TRIZ problem solving process and algorithm can be "reversed" to very effectively and more completely deal with system, product, safety, and environmental concerns relating to products, organizations, and systems. We can also use it to provide key elements that can challenge a business continuity plan and insure its viability.

Instead of the normal TRIZ thinking process that asks for an ideal result and then looks for resources and contradiction resolution to achieve this, we invert the thinking as follows:

  1. State the ideal result: We want a backup system to function properly and protect property and personnel during an emergency
  2. Invert the desired result: We want the backup system to fail
  3. Exaggerate the inverted problem: We want the back up system to fail all the time and cause serious personnel injuries, lost business interruption, and total loss of property
  4. Ask, "How would I accomplish this?" What resources do I need? What principles would be used?
  5. Evaluate and prioritize these possibilities based on resource analysis and availability
  6. Solve these problems using TRIZ in its normal fashion, or if obvious solutions are available, implement them.

As with normal inventive problem solving, we use complementary cause and effect modeling software when appropriate to assist in the problem analysis.

Analysis of cause of chemical release not identifiable with numerous HAZOP analyses

Food Industry
Analyses of potential lysteria bacteria contamination in cheese processing

Bank of Montreal
Analyses of potential faults in new electronic bank fraud business

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